Multistreaming is available to all Webex sites, except for FedRAMP-authorized and CMR Hybrid Webex sites.

Active Participants Display from Any App or Device

It doesn’t matter how people join the meeting—whether it’s from the Webex Meetings app or the Webex app or from a Cisco Webex desk, room, or board device or from another Cisco video device, you’ll now see more of the most active participants on screen at a time. You’re limited to 6 sources between Cisco Webex Video Mesh Nodes. So, if you’ve joined from the Webex Meetings app, you’ll see the video of up to six participants who’ve joined from the Webex app or devices. In the other direction, if you've used Webex, Webex-registered devices, or SIP devices to join a meeting through a Video Mesh node (or any means other than the Webex Meetings app), you'll also see the video of up to 6 participants who've joined from the Webex Meetings app.

Simultaneous Display of Shared Content and Thumbnails of Active Participants

Minimally transcoded conference (MTC) technology sends video as a multistream, allowing the Webex app and devices to display multiple video screens at the same time as any shared content. As a result, you’ll be able to see thumbnails of the most active participants even when someone is sharing their screen or application in the meeting.

Improved Handling of Video and Audio

Media Assure is a set of algorithms that work in the background on all audio and video streams to detect poor network conditions such as packet loss, latency and jitter and then compensate for those so as to provide the best possible quality in all conditions. Media Assure works on all Webex standard meetings, Cisco Webex Personal Room meetings, and team meetings with participants who have joined from the Webex Meetings app and the Webex app and from Webex desk, room, or board devices.

Support for Cisco Webex Video Mesh

If you host meetings using Webex Video Mesh, you can take advantage of these features too. Webex Video Mesh supports multiple video streams for cloud-registered devices. Multistream provides better bandwidth utilization on average, particularly for the cascade link between the local Webex Video Mesh Nodes and the Webex cloud.