Focus on Important Spaces

Webex App allows you to set notifications in two ways - for All Spaces or for Certain Spaces . These settings work together so that you don't miss anything and that you can keep up-to-date with what's happening.

You probably want to know about messages sent directly to you or to the spaces that are the most important to you. So, we recommend that you set these options to help you focus on them:

  • Change the notifications for all spaces to @Mentions only so you'll see fewer visual notifications and blue dots, helping you focus on the important spaces.

    See Set Notifications for All Spaces if you need help setting this.

  • Change the notifications for critical spaces (where you can't afford to miss any messages) to All messages .

    See Set Notifications for Certain Spaces if you need help setting this.


Webex App suppresses notifications for incoming messages or calls when you're sharing your screen or application while on a call or on a meeting.

Notification Settings—Other Examples

We put together a few examples to explain how the notification settings work together, but you can also combine these settings however you'd like.


Webex App supports smart notifications, so you can get pop-up notifications and alerts outside of the app when you get new messages. See Smart Notifications on Multiple Devices for more details.

Type of Notification

All Spaces Setting

Individual Space Setting

When to Use

All messages in all spaces

All messages


This is the default setting.

@Me, @All, and direct messages only

@Mentions only


If you only care about messages sent directly to you.

All except certain spaces

All messages


If you don't need notifications from certain spaces.

Only for certain spaces


All messages

If you have a few high-priority spaces, disable notifications for everything else.

You'll still get notifications from spaces between you and another person (shown in your People filter) unless you mute them.

No Notifications



This combination stops all notifications.

Spaces List, Filters, and Badge Counters

The Webex App app icon on your device also shows the number of unread spaces that match the notifications criteria you've set.

You'll see counters next to Messaging and Teams, when you have unread messages in your spaces or teams. The number next to Messaging shows your total number of unread spaces.

Your filters also show the number of unread spaces, or messages where someone has @mentioned you directly or @ mentioned everyone in a space.

Go to and select the Notifications filter to see spaces with new activity that match your notifications criteria.

Also, at a glance, the icons and text in your spaces list also give you details about the messages you're seeing.

The bold text only, shows that you have notifications turned off, and there is an unread message in this space.

The @ symbol shows that you have notifications for @mentions turned on, and that there is an unread @me or @all message in this space.

The blue dot shows that you've turned notifications on, and there is an unread message that matches your notification settings in this space.

This icon shows that someone added you to this space. It appears next to the space until you open it for the first time.

The bell icon shows that you've set custom notifications set for this space.

The muted bell icon shows that you've disabled notifications for this space.

This icon shows that Webex App is unable to send your message.

This icon shows that you have a draft message in the space. It appears next to the space until you send or delete the draft message.


If you set custom notifications in a space to All messages, you won't see the draft icon in the spaces list.